VALET V4 Tutorial.

Hello and welcome to our tutorial for Grenoble INP’s Virtual Audio Visual Laboratory for Language training – VALET V4 – hosted via MOODLE. This site is designed by the PERFORM think-tank and courses have been designed by our language teaching staff.

Our objective is to help you work on your comprehension over a variety of skills and themes that have been selected as key areas for university-level learners of English. All learning paths are compatible with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Click here to see the video tutorial (9mn)VALET video tutorial

Let’s take a tour.

VALET homepage


Skills categories

Guest visitor

Course details

The lesson

The lesson toolbar

The course toolbar

The advanced search and filter

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VALET homepage top

The homepage is split into 3 areas :

  • The left column where you have essential information and also the last modified course.
  • The main frame where you have the categories of skills.
  • And the COURSE tool bar which will be explained later.

Login top

First, please click on “log in” at the bottom of the homepage and choose the appropriate profile to start the course.

The website is split into two areas: open and restricted users. If you don’t study or work at Grenoble INP, then click on “Other users” and choose “Login as a guest”.


Other users

Let’s choose a skills category top

Here you have a choice of lessons that correspond to the skills category you have chosen.

skills category

Guest visitor top
If you are a guest visitor (teacher or student) you can access certain resources which have the following symbol: guest
All other resources are reserved.

Course details top
Each lesson has a brief summary but for more information details are available. This shows more information on the content of the lesson including the types of activities, accents, associated documents, level, etc.

course detail

Let’s see what’s in the lesson top
On the left-column you have the activities in the class and in the centre screen the learning area. We use interactive exercises which test your comprehension and score you. These exercises will be explained in further detail later on.


Let’s have a look at the lesson toolbar

Notice the lesson toolbar at the top of the screen which gives you access to your audiovisual documents, dictionaries, and recorder.

activity toolbar

  • To open your audiovisual document, just click on the icon. You can also move the document around the screen.
  • You have access to 4 language tools:
    • ONELOOK for definitions + access to many other dictionaries.
    • MERRIAM WEBSTER’S with audio too.
    • Interactive Terminology for Europe available in many languages.
    • And Wiktionary.
  • Some activities may require that you record and compare your voice to the original document. Click here to record. You can play it back too, stop or rerecord if needs be. The tool also allows you to speed up or slow down your recording. Remember to save your file on your computer if you have to send it to your teacher!

Now let’s look at the course toolbar top

course toolbar

  • “Home” and “Who we are” are self-explanatory.
  • “More” will soon display additional information : technical FAQs, weblinks, testimonials, etc… (not available yet)
  • You can also search and filter classes using our search engine. The research operates on the name and the abstract of the course.
  • All language learners know that taking notes is an essential step in language acquisition and retention. For this we have MY NOTEPAD. You have one notepad for all your notes whilst working on VALET. This notepad may also be consulted by your teacher to help or assess your progress.
  • MY FAVOURITES is where you can list any good websites you have found.

The advanced search and filter top

  • You can also use the advanced search and filter. Just type what you’re looking for. For example :
    • By accent
    • By level
    • By study time
    • By media type
    • By linguistic objective
    • Or by keyword… And this list goes on.

Please remember to clear the categories for new searches as this will “overfilter” your request.


Contact us top

Please feel free to post messages if needs be to:

Enjoy your learning experience.

For more information on language projects at Grenoble INP please visit :
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